Collection and delivery

We often use couriers when transporting smaller finished works around central London, but for larger works, works of value, multiple items and anything that needs careful handling, we use specialist fine-art couriers.


You’re welcome to contact our couriers directly or we can do so as part of our framing service. We would never recommend sending finished works in the post.


We can arrange installation as part of our service for you. We can highly recommend Sam Brereton and his team at the Art of Hanging. Please feel free to contact them directly and mention us if you do!

Paper Conservators

Paper conservators perform a critical role in picture framing. We often employ their services for flattening work that has been rolled for a long period and for hinging particularly challenging works.


If you’d like to deal directly with a conservator, we highly recommend Isabelle Egan ACR and Jillian Gregory.

Restoration of works on canvas

The restoration of work on canvas is very different from paper conservation. If work has been left unglazed for a long time, it will need cleaning by a specialist.


If you’d like to deal directly with a restorer, we can recommend Fine Art Restoration Co.

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